Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What will I do without my Lala

I have to say, I am quite disappointed to be losing Lala.  I think it has turned out to be my favorite music site ever.  I mean, Pandora's cool (and it was cooler before I had to listen to ads), but sometimes you want to listen to what you specifically want to listen to.  And Lala let you do that for $0.10 (or like $1 for albums).  It was so easy to buy music at those prices.  No complicated "is it really worth that?" questions.  If you liked an album, you bought it, no hesitation.  Then, you could listen to it to your heart's content until you decided that you needed it everywhere, and you made the plunge and bought the whole album.  And you could still listen to it online.  And if you never needed it everywhere, you never bought it for offline.  No problem.

Now I'm faced with a delima.  Lala's closing.  My online songs will go away.  Do I buy them?  That's quite a bit to drop at once (particularly without a steady income).  Apple will likely open up a similar service (well, one would hope), and I'd be able to use my Lala credits there, but I've never liked Apple software.  Apple makes bloatware.  Even if it were exactly like Lala in every respect, it'd take me some time to get over the Apple brand.

Oh well, I suppose I'll just wait and see.

I wonder if Apple's service will use Flash :).  If it used HTML 5 audio, that'd be awesome.  In spite of my less-than-stellar feelings about Apple and "HTML5", Flash is terrible on 64-bit Linux.