Friday, June 15, 2012

Invitation: Gnome/Gtk+/GObject Study and Hack Group

I don't know whether desktop programming is dead, but I do know that there are apps that I want that the web can't give me yet.  These are mostly software development-related, but that's what I use my computer for most.

Since I use Gnome on Linux pretty exclusively these days (and I'd like to continue), I'd like to start a study/hack group for Gnome/Gtk+/GObject programming.

I've been watching the GObject platform change quite a bit over the last few years.  Most significant, in my opinion, has been the introduction of GObject introspection (GI), which essentially made it possible to use any C+GObject library in any language, as long as there's a GI binding for that language (and there are for Java, JavaScript, .Net (Mono), Python, Ruby, and more).

My goals are (1) to be comfortable enough with GI programming to quickly create applications that I want, without the GI layer being the roadblock, (2) to be comfortable enough with C+GObject or Vala to translate potentially reusable pieces of GI applications into actually reusable components.  And (3ish) if I can contribute to the examples, tutorials, and docs all the while, that's a win too.

So, if anyone is interested is interested in learning or practicing Gnome/Gtk+/GObject development in a group, hit me up @mjumbewu, or in the comments.  Standing offer, so even if this post is several months old, hit me up.

- Mjumbe