Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Basis

I was looking through my Google docs for something I had noted a while ago (btw: it is helpful to have all your notes in one place—I need to do that more often), and I came across this list I made back in December of things that I consider important. I'm not sure if this is a complete list, but it is certainly still true.

It's good that I keep these things somewhere that they can be found. Now I need to work on finding and reminding myself of them on a regular basis.

  • Be African
    • Wear my Africanness proudly
    • Study/explore my Africanness avidly
  • Be a Craftsman
    • Care about my craft(s)
    • Strive to be the best that I can be
    • Never cease to learn about what I do
  • Be Ma'at-ian citizen of the Earth
    • Apply my knowledge and talents to the betterment of life
  • Lead a balanced life
    • Not bite more than I can chew
  • Be honest with myself and others
    • Spend time getting to know myself
  • Strive to make things that I'm a part of better
  • Make good decisions
    • Be prudent
    • Be just
    • Be discerning
    • Be confident
    • Be open (and humble)
    • Be willing to change your mind
  • Treat each day as a new opportunity to [... what? be great? be effective? act on my values? bring what I want into the world? ah...] live with purpose.

  • Keep my life interesting!

To do: Work out a system to review and place things I do in context of these important things regularly.