Sunday, March 8, 2009

before bed...

I watched Wall tonight while trying to fix my hard drive. It's a documentary about the Israel West-Bank barrier wall.
I don't think that the movie is necessary to point out the absurdity of the project. It's a huge wall. More than that though, it's people who believe that building a huge wall is a good thing to do. And the wall does something, no doubt. Constructing a gated community of that magnitude can't happen without effect.
  • Read the Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss. It remains one of my favorite pieces of international relations literature.
  • The film reminds me of what I've learned about documentaries, and why some folks that I've known consider them more misleading than dramatizations. It's cause documentaries are collections of real "Fakts", as Harvie Krumpet would put it. They're stories told by the people behind the camera (who, in the case of Wall, are never seen).
  • It also reminded me of how many stories and fakts there are out there to hear. It reminded me of the places that I want to meet people.

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