Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adinkra Desk

Here's a shot of the desk that Jennifer and I finished about a week ago. So far it has been working pretty well from a productivity standpoint. I drilled a hole in the middle so that we didn't have computer cords coming off of every side. I'm quite proud of this piece. The next one I'm working on is for Ambata. I had my father write some Mdw Ntr on the side and I carved it out. I hope it turns out well (and doesn't take much more time). I'll post a pic of that soon, before I send it to MA.

Update: OK, I sent it to MA a while ago, but here's some pictures anyway.

There it is, in the wild.  My father did the Mdw Ntr on the side.  It's a phonetic translation of "Chemistry".  I hope it's holding up well for him.  I have to get up there and visit at some point, cause I don't think he'd tell me if it were falling apart.

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